2004 the Start

The Start of a Lifetime Adventure

December 24, 2004. Rusutsu, Japan.
Merry Christmas!! It is a beautiful Christmas Eve here in Japan. There is no wind and big perfectly formed flakes of snow are falling. It is almost dream-like, so silent and calm. It is a classic setting, except that there is going to be a large fireworks show tonight! Fireworks, at Christmas?! Isn't Japan full of surprises! Just before they set the sky a blaze, 6 of us are going to dress up as Santas, ski down and give out presents to all the children at the base of the hill. It's going to be great fun!

December 23, 2004. Rusutsu, Japan.
I'm now in Hokkaido, Japan. I'm working as a ski instructor at Rusutsu Resort. When I arrived last night I was very surprised. It was like I walked into Disney Land! The first thing that I saw was a giant two-story merry-go-round with life size golden carousel horses!! There are restaurants, stores, a giant games room, swimming pool, water slides, etc... all in the same complex!

June 5, 2004. I am in the booming mountain community of Canmore, Alberta.
I'm doing some driving/guiding for a tour company in Banff before my hiking guiding job starts up in June with Yamnuska. There is still some snow at higher elevations and it makes the mountains stand out against the blue sky. It's so beautiful. The last few days I was off to Jasper and we saw many species of animals....Elk, deer, mountain sheep, mountain goats, moose, black bears (with cubs) and a grizzly bear! One of the black bears had a cub that was golden brown. The mother had rubbed it back up against a tree and the cub did the same thing. It was so cute! Go, Flames, Go!!!

Brad Towle

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